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PLEASE NOTE: Always indicate the reason for the interview and if that the results will be archived and published on this wiki or elsewhere.

Meta Data

Video (or Audio-Only) of anyone interviewed should have the following meta information:

  • Full name of person(s) interviewed
  • Title (RW, VW, etc.) at time of interview
  • Date of interview
  • Person(s) recording and interviewing
  • Location


The person(s) should first identify who they are, when they were raised, and the lodge they first belonged to.

Next, the following should be covered as applicable:

  • Current Lodge affiliations (including when and where):
    • Dual/Plural
    • Honorary Membership
    • Military Lodges
    • Foreign Affiliations
  • Other past lodge affiliations over time, especially being transferred or moving as lodges merged (including years joined)
  • Offices held
  • How and why did they become a Mason
  • Other family in the craft, past and present (including lodge or chapter)


The person(s) interviewed should be asked about their experiences, trying to stay on one lodge at a time, and include when possible:

  • Influential people in the lodge
  • The general culture and feel of the lodge
  • Interesting or noteworthy stories and events

Other Masonic Experiences

In a separate part of the interview (if possible), ask the person(s) to give similar information as above related to concordant bodies they belonged to, especially if from chapters or organizations that no longer exist.

Concluding Advice

Encourage the person(s) to end their interview with a summary of how they see Masonry, now and then. Example questions:

  • What would you tell future prospective candidates as to why they should petition to become a brother?
  • What advice would you give upcoming masons to get the most out of their Masonic career?
  • What is the biggest difference between Masonry now and when you first became a Mason?
  • What is the most important life lesson you've learned from Freemasonry?